Half Term Holiday Updates (25-29/10/2021)


Dear Swimmers,

In our haste to make dates available to swimmers, our online booking system included slots during the 25-29/10/21 half term holiday.

We have had to revise these to reflect pool closures during the half term break.

1. If you are in Development squad and have booked a swimming slot which falls during the half term break, or if you are in any squad swimming at QE Boys’ on Wednesday 27/10/21, then your session may have been cancelled as per updates in the online booking system here at www.bpsc.club.

To view the bookings we have updated for you, please:

  1. log in to the website, then
  2. go to Menu>Training>Booking swimming sessions online>View My Bookings.

…This will show you your revised, current, applicable bookings to follow.

2. There will be no Learn-to-Swim sessions during half term week 25-29/10/21.

Apologies for this hiccough as we keep bookings up to date under the pandemic.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


BPSC WebAdmin.


A huge thank you to those who sponsored Jayne and me for the Bournemouth pier to pier swim, thanks to your generosity the event raised in total a massive £550,000.
Having taken part in this event for over 20 years I can honestly say it was the most exciting swim I have done for many years due to the choppy sea. In fact, for the first time, the organisers had to amend the 1.4 mile course due to safety reasons and so we did not swim from pier to pier but in an elongated P shape around three large buoys covering about 1.2 miles. However, with waves ranging from 3 – 4 ft, it felt at times like being in a washing machine and as part of the course was against a good current, it was a challenging swim.
Bournemouth Pier-to-Pier
I must pay tribute to the organisers and especially the amazing safety volunteers out in canoes, boards, ribs and jet skis who were certainly kept busy as a number of the 2,000 swimmers who were not used to cold water and the rough conditions were unable to finish and had to be pulled out. Fortunately everybody was ok in the end.
Jayne completed the course in an impressive 38.21 minutes and Doug who is not such a regular swimmer did a fantastic 49.08. I completed the course in 46.47 which was not by any means quick but having not got in the training I would have done normally because of lockdown, I took the course at a steady pace (the longest time was 1:47:20 – bless whoever it was for trying).
Once again thank you for all your support and if anybody fancies giving the swim a go next year just contact me and I will fill you in with more details.
David Tomback

Great News – Racing is Back!

Swimming Gala

Some really exciting news for our competitive BPSC swimmers with competitions returning as early as next month! There are currently two meets which we will be entering as a club. I hope to see all competitive squad swimmers entering these meets!

Please note, you MUST be Cat. 2 registered in order to race! Please email me if you have any questions/queries.

Cant wait to get back to the races!

Tom Sullivan
Head Coach


Peak view ahead:


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