BPSC Website is GO!

Rocket Launch

Members have been sent BPSC website user credentials. (You may need to check your spam folder.)

For logged-in members there is a help page to get started at:

Thank you to everyone for your long patience while we got the new website up and running.


  • Allan

    Well done – at last we’ve got back to a website that looks like it belongs to the club and which hopefully we’ve got rather more control over.

    I note that at the moment it looks like access for members only. Will the outside world be able to get in for information? I realise this question is a bit academic at the moment until we are up and running again but you seem to be set up for it.

  • François

    Thanks Allan. Yes, the Club controls the site. At the moment, info. that members post is for members only to share, so swimmers can have club conversations. Over time these might open to the outside world depending on what users would like.

    Looking forward to getting back to swimming!

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