Half Term Holiday Updates (25-29/10/2021)


Dear Swimmers,

In our haste to make dates available to swimmers, our online booking system included slots during the 25-29/10/21 half term holiday.

We have had to revise these to reflect pool closures during the half term break.

1. If you are in Development squad and have booked a swimming slot which falls during the half term break, or if you are in any squad swimming at QE Boys’ on Wednesday 27/10/21, then your session may have been cancelled as per updates in the online booking system here at www.bpsc.club.

To view the bookings we have updated for you, please:

  1. log in to the website, then
  2. go to Menu>Training>Booking swimming sessions online>View My Bookings.

…This will show you your revised, current, applicable bookings to follow.

2. There will be no Learn-to-Swim sessions during half term week 25-29/10/21.

Apologies for this hiccough as we keep bookings up to date under the pandemic.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


BPSC WebAdmin.