Masters’ Events

Broomfield Park Masters take part in a number of annual ASA-run competitions, including the T30 and the decathlon.

The T30 is a thirty-minute swim whose distance is recorded. This can then be entered to SwimEngland with your club details. The club can then enter individual entries as four-person teams.

At the decathlon, up to ten swim races are swum at masters’ licensed meets. These are converted into points which are then age-adjusted, to make an even playing field. The ten events are spread across all four strokes, individual medleys (IMs) and distance freestyle (front crawl) races. SwimEngland administrates the T30 automatically and there is no need for swimmers to enter individually. At Broomfield Park we award the swimmer with the highest total the Derek Parr Trophy.

Apart from the LBESA Masters’ competition, the club does not administrate any masters’ entries, it is therefore up to the individual master to enter.