Fees are shown below, these cover Swim England registration, insurance and general Club administration. Fees are calculated according to squad and whether the swimmer is competing (entering licensed galas) or not.

1. An Annual Membership Fee is due each January or when a member joins the Club. Membership fees are not pro rata‘d, a Swim England rule not ours!

Annual Fees are:
£20 for Learn to Swim
£30 for non-competitive swimmers (CAT1)
£60 for competitive (CAT2).

Where a non-competitive swimmer starts to compete in galas (including M11) the difference needs to be paid during that year, to upgrade to competitive (CAT2).

2. Swimming Fees

Swimming Fees cover the cost of coaches and pool hire.

Regular club fees shown below (from 12/3/21) may be subject to change.

SquadSession(s) per WeekMonthly Standing Order:OR Termly Payment:
Learn to Swim1 x 30-minute lesson£31£124
Learn to Swim2 x 30-minute lessons or a double session£50£200
Junior Active1£28£112
Junior Activemulti£39£156
Senior Active1£28£112
Senior Activemulti£39£156
Adults & Masters1£31£124
Adults & Mastersmulti£43£172

When paying termly the fees are due in the first month of the school term i.e. Jan, May and Sept.
When paying by monthly standing order, it is spreading the term cost over 4 months:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Spring Term:
Summer Term: √ *
Autumn Term:

*Please note that for ‘Learn to Swim’ swimmers, whilst a payment is due in August to spread the cost, there is no swimming during that month.

Fees should be paid via electronic bank transfer into the BPSC CAF bank account:

  • Sort Code: 40-52-40
  • Account Number: 00021918

Please start the payee ref. with ‘Fees’, followed by the swimmer’s surname, e.g.

Fees Smith

If you have any fee queries, please contact membership@bpsc.club.