To register with the Broomfield Park Swimming Club, please:

  1. apply for BPSC membership (see below)
  2. register at the website (see below).

The above are separate.


1. Membership Icon BPSC Membership

Please use the membership form(s) below to register with BPSC, or to update your registration.

Our ‘New Swimmers’ officer will automatically receive your form at Contact them if you have any club registration queries.


2. Website Icon BPSC Website Registration

After you have registered using the above form(s), you can use the link below to set up your own account at the BPSC website and be copied into club communications.

Web site registrations you have made, go through a quick approval process before being activated.

Once your website account is activated, you will receive email communications from BPSC. Check your spam/junk folder as these are sometimes diverted there by email clients.

If you were registered on the old TeamUnify website (pre-8/2020), then you will automatically have had an account set up for you here along with login details showing username and password sent to the email address you had registered at the time. If you cannot find these, please check your spam folder (automated messages sometimes end up there) for emails from ‘’. Thank you.

You can update the email address you have for this website by logging in and updating. To change your password, after first login, please use the ‘Lost your password’ link at the site login page.

Site Login

For website registration queries, contact

Thank you.