Thank you for your interest in joining Broomfield Park Swimming Club. Smiley

Joining BPSC takes 5 simple steps:

1. Contact: Complete the simple online Enquiry Form (click button below).
If you have any initial queries, email friendly to find out more about the Club.

Complete Your Enquiry Form

2. Sign-up at the website: Sign up for one parent/guardian/adult swimmer account at the BPSC website. This will enable you to access:

  • Swimmer Registration form(s)
  • Club email communications including those for your Squad(s),
  • training booking system (when in use) for all swimmers,
  • Club fora online to share messages.

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3. Register: From your one website account, complete one Swimmer Registration Form per swimmer.

NB You must be logged in to the website to use this form.

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(This form can also be used if you are interested in volunteering for the club as a non-swimmer.)

4. Pay Fees: If you liked your trial session and would like to join the Club, set up your fee payments:

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5. Start Training! Diving Smiley

BPSC CoViD-19 Health Screen

During the CoViD-19 pandemic, please also complete a CoViD-19 Health Screen declaration form.

Thank you.

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