Lock-down Workouts for All Squads


Hello everyone,

I hope that everybody is staying safe and healthy. I’m sure we are all looking forward to hearing the contents of Boris’ updates later on today.

I’ve had some really lovely emails over the last few weeks from some of you. I’m getting a feeling that in a strange sort of way this virus has brought some of us closer together which is absolutely amazing, and one of the reasons why we are the best club out there!!

Please have a look through the attached document. It includes some workouts for you all to have a look through including some recommendations.


Head Coach




I understand that some of you may not have access to the club Instagram account and therefore may not have seen the workouts being put up online for everybody. I’m including here some workouts for you to have a look through.

As a qualified and insured Personal Trainer and body massage therapist under the register of exercise professionals (REPS) I would encourage everybody to try and stay as active as possible whilst we are on lock-down. This being said, you also need to be realistic and sensible with the workouts you might want to do. Basically if something is hurting or aggravating you, do something else or take a rest. Ensure you do a warm up (heart rate raising activity) before you start any strenuous work. I would also advise some stretches and/or mobilisation work if you are going to do some regular form of training.

I’ve included for everybody three online workouts of varying intensities for you to have a look through. As I said above, if you have restrictions to doing these, please respect those restrictions and don’t push yourself too hard – we don’t want any injuries!

Workout #1 Duration: 20mins

This workout is lower in intensity and work rate and is aimed at the older swimmers (adults & masters) who may have some form of injuries or physiological restrictions.

Workout #2 Duration: 20mins

This workout is fairly middling in intensity. This would be suitable for anyone who is injury free and for most groups in the club.

Workout #3 Duration: 15mins

This is the most intense of the three workouts and is aimed at competitive swimmers in all squads who are injury free.

As I said above, please ensure you take good care and warm up thoroughly for your workouts. All training is undertaken at the risk of each participant.

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