CoViD-19 Adaptation

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With the UK Government’s July, 2020 announcement that swimming pools are to re-open, for swimmers’ safety, Swim England have advised all UK swimming clubs to implement 1. a survey, 2. a swimmer declaration and 3. a continuous health screen.

A risk assessment is shown at the foot of this page.

1. BPSC Members’ Survey can be completed online. We would ask all swimmers please to complete it by clicking the link below:

Arrow RightBPSC Members’ CoViD-19 Survey

2. The BPSC CoViD-19 Return to Training Declaration can be downloaded by clicking the picture below.

Arrow RightReturn to Training Declaration

Please add your name to this form, sign & date the bottom and return it as an email attachment to:

3. The BPSC CoVid-19 Health Screen is available as an online form for each swimmer – click the link below. BPSC asks you to complete this form confidentially, and to keep it continuously up to date. Swimmers are reminded of their responsibility to the health of other swimmers.

Arrow RightBPSC CoVid-19 Health Screen


Thank you.


The BPSC Committee


Swim England – Format QE Boys’ Swimming Pool Risk Assessment v. 20/7/20 PDF Icon